Q : Why does a drink after work go a long way? (Business or Monkey Business?)
A : A social drink, or round of golf, is as much a part of doing business in Japan as the drawn out meetings, or the formal introductions. Socializing with business associates provides an opportunity to establish trust, strengthen relationships and let off steam. Business is usually not discussed on such occasions, so don't get frustrated if the important stuff isn't covered. By the way, when out drinking, don't pour your own drinks, allow others to pour for you and in turn, keep the glasses of others filled by pouring for them. If you are the one invited, custom dictates that your associate will pick up the tab. But if your party continues onto the next establishment, or Karaoke bar, consider yourself in line to pick up the tab. Beyond this stage, however, normal rules may not apply! Further essential information, based on actual experiences of Kites staff members, about socializing in Japan will feature in updates of the Kites web site.

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