Like all PR companies, Kites brings together experts in different fields of communications; however, the reason we call ourselves a PR consultancy and not a PR firm is because in each project Kites places the primary importance on consulting. Through consulting, Kites can provide you with a comprehensive PR plan that focuses on clear objectives, as well as a workable program for implementation. Our' expert staff will conduct thorough research to determine the most suitable PR strategy based on the needs, goals and budget of the client.

Recently, with the gradual deregulation of Japanese business, Kites has increasingly become involved in projects functioning as pilot, guiding clients through the maze of Japanese business. Due to the unique culture and customs of Japan, it is often difficult for European and American companies to understand the background of Japanese business. On the other hand, it is also difficult for Japanese people and companies to understand their European and American counterparts. Therefore, the importance of our role as coordinator and consultant has increased.

Japan has a well established media infrastructure with an abundance of TV networks, newspapers and other media outlets. Used correctly, Japanese media channels are a highly effective means for conducting wide-area PR activities. However, the media in Japan is characterized by the long-standing system through which government or industry information is released through designated channels known as "Kisha Kurabu" or "Journalist Clubs." These clubs are exclusive and can be discriminatory - and it is often difficult for foreign journalists and companies to gain access to the same information as their Japanese counterparts. As many of Kites staff have a background in media, Kites can provide easy access to various Japanese media outlets and can ensure coverage of your message through its range of media services.

- Comprehensive media strategy planning
- News release editing
- Press conference coordination
- Media tours of your company
- Adapt press release packages to suit different media formats
- Organize private meetings with journalists (on a regular or one off basis)

The quality of printed communications materials is vital to successful PR activities. Based on it's philosophy of seeking a fresh approach to conventional PR objectives, Kites, in conjunction with its network staff, will plan and produce communications materials which reflect your organizations identity and deliver your message clearly, while keeping your deadlines and budget limitations. From company profiles or posters, which require a high level of graphic design and copy, to internal publications, which require speed, Kites has the experience and creative talent to deliver something that truly exceeds your expectations.

Furthermore, Kites has multi-lingual publishing experience and can produce materials in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Malay, or any combination thereof. Furthermore, drawing on our expertise in creating Japanese PR materials, we can re-edit foreign publications to suit the target Japanese reader. The following are just some of the PR materials Kites can produce:

- Corporate newsletters
- Company profiles
- Recruitment and promotional leaflets
- PR magazines
- Annual reports
- Advertising and PR posters,
- Corporate history pamphlets
- PR video production

Kites' Information Planning Department specializes in planning and creating multimedia materials including web sites and CD-ROMs. Kites can convert your existing printed material into an online or other digital format, or create something especially for the digital format. Kites has fully embraced the information age and works with a network of graphic designers and web site designers in America and Japan to produce innovative multimedia solutions. In addition, Kites can assist you in purchasing and setting-up your office computers and software to suit your company's needs. Kites will also plan, install and maintain your company's internal and external networks, (for inside and outside Japan), to make information sharing simplistic and efficient.

- Web site, Intranet, planning, design and production
- Web site set-up and maintenance
- CD-ROM planning and production
- DVD planning and production

Kites principal website projects

Kites produces advertisements for the print, broadcast and other media that are different from those produced by conventional agencies. Maintaining the concept of PR as the core of its advertisements, Kites produces high impact advertisements that don't cost the earth. Kites advertisements have been highly evaluated for being distinctive, yet subtle.

- Newspaper advertisements
- TV advertisements and programs
- Radio advertisements and programs
- Magazine advertisements
- Web site advertising

Whether it be an international symposium, memorial lecture, or concert-style university entrance ceremony, Kites events always attract a lot of attention from the mass media. Kites will undertake the entire production of an event, from the planning and management, to selection of guest speakers, promotion, and publicity. Kites specialty is international events.

- International symposia
- Opening ceremonies
- Concert-style university entrance ceremonies
- Special academic society meetings
- Anniversary events
- Lectures

Kites will not only translate your documents from English to Japanese, and vice versa, but also into French, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean. Our translation service has a reputation for being fast and of excellent quality. Since Kites takes maximum measures to maintain confidentiality of client information, demand for our translation services in areas that require a high degree of secrecy such as marketing data, technological development information, news releases and sensitive internal documents, has increased in recent years.

If you are looking to enter the Japanese market or establish a representative office or company branch in Japan, Kites can help. With the support of Kites' network staff of accountants, attorneys and marketing specialists, we can provide a full Turnkey service. From preparation of a market entry plan to location of a premises and recruitment of staff, Kites will support you every step of the way. We also act as a bridge between foreign clients and Japanese corporations to represent clients in Japan or market client's products in Japan.

- Feasibility Studies / Market Research
- Legal assistance and accounting
- Marketing
- Recruitment

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