Main Clients
Private Companies
Name of Company Profile Kites°« Activities Language
Household & Cosmetics
Kao Corporation
Asia°«s leading personal care & household products company Consulting/Press release/PR tool production English/Japanese
NYK Lines
Japan°«s leading marine transportation group Consulting/Media relations/Events/Risk management English/Japanese
Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. (NCA)
Japan°«s leading freight company Consulting/Media relations/Risk management English/Japanese
Kyoei Tanker Co., Ltd.
Japan°«s tanker company Consulting/Media relations/Risk management English/Japanese
Turkish Airlines (Japan)
National carrier of Turkey PR Agent in Japan/Media relations/Events English/Japanese
Milliken & Company
American based chemical and textile company Consulting/Media relations/PR tool production English/Japanese
JSR Corporation
Japan°«s leading fine chemicals manufacturer Translation for news release/financial reports English/Japanese
Corrigent Systems (Japan)

American based IT company specializes in metro-optical transport devices PR Agent in Japan/Media Relations/Seminars English/Japanese
Cambridge Display Technology (UK)
Leading R&D and commercialization of light emitting polymers (LEP) News release/Information gathering /Consulting PR in Japan English/Japanese
Yakitori and ell delicatessen Consulting/Media relations /Events/Risk management English/Japanese
Incorporated Foundations and Educational Institutes
Name of Organization Profile Kites°« Activities Language
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (JFCR)
The largest medical organization for cancer care in Japan. Consulting/PR tool production English/Japanese
Japan Science and Technology Agency
The organization of leading Japan°«s science and technology Consulting /Media Relations/Seminars/Symposium English/Japanese
SAKURA Exchange Program in Science
The program for promoting exchanges in science between Asia and Japan of the youths PR activities English/Japanese
Teikyo University Group
Education conglomerate with 45 institutions in Japan, US, Europe and Asia Consulting/Media relations /Risk management English/Japanese
Tokyo University of Science
125 year old university specializing in science technology Consulting/Media relations /Risk management English/Japanese
Nippon Dental University
100 year old university educating potential dentists Consulting/Media relations/Risk managementEstablish e-learning system Japanese
Nihon University
College of Humanities & Sciences
One of the biggest educational conglomerate Events/Seminars/Symposium Japanese
National Association of Juvenile Guidance Counselors
National volunteer association of preventing juvenile crimes PR tool production/Seminars/Symposium Japanese
National and Local Government
Name of Organization Kites°« Activities Language
National Police Agency
PR tool production /Events/Seminars/Research English/Japanese
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Events/Seminars/Symposium Japanese
Saitama Prefecture Government
Events/Seminars/Symposium English/Japanese
Ministry of Environment
Event/Consulting English/Japanese
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
PR tool production /Events /Seminars/Symposium Japanese
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