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Allow Kites to guide you through the maze of doing business in Japan by providing you with effective and professional public relations solutions. Kites will plot out your map and guide you to your destination with a full range of PR services, from strategic planning to production and editorial services. Take a stroll through the Kites home page and see how we can guide you in the right direction. Before setting off test your general knowledge of doing business in Japan by completing our short quiz. Just click on each question mark above to view and answer each question. Good luck!
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Why does a drink after work go a long way? (Business or Monkey Business?) Why is your best selling product not selling in Japan? Why does it take so long to get a decision in Japan? Is there a correct way of exchanging business cards? What's in a number? What shall I wear to the meeting? Why can 'YES' mean 'NO' in Japan? (Don't count your chickens...) Why is it so difficult to get a meeting with a potentially new client?